Epidermis + Sage

HydraFacial – No Water Added

Did you know that there IS NO water used in this state-of-the-art treatment?!

Unlike other Hydrabraisan treatments, HydraFacial uses especially formulated solutions along with the patented vortex tips which makes HydraFacial™ quite different from similar skin devices.

3 Steps – 30 Minutes – The Best Skin of Your Life

The Signature HydraFacial protocol which has three steps – the Signature HydraFacial is the base treatment and from there you can upgrade into the Deluxe or Platinum treatments.

Step 1 – Deep Cleansing

The aim of this step is to deep cleanse the skin of any topical impurities, to soften sebum in the follicle. It starts to dislodge redundant skin cells. The solution contains Lactic acid (which is super hydrating on the skin), Glucosamine which is a master anti-oxidant and also algae extract which calms and soothes the skin.

Step 2 – Peel & Extract

Now we infuse a glycolic and salicylic ampule onto the skin which dissolves bonds between skin cells. In this step we use a special tip which manipulates the follicle and at the same time draws out congestion and black heads (pain free!), leaving the pores beautifully clear! (We can even show you the jar containing all the gunk that came out of the skin).

In this step we also use an additional solution which hydrates and calms the skin. It contains more salicylic for resurfacing, honey extract which is hydrating and conditioning, and Tasmanian pepper which protects, calms, and soothes.

Step 3 – Skin Nutrients

The final step is all about pushing nutrients into the skin. In this solution there are antioxidants, green tea, arnica extract, essential skin minerals and hyaluronic acid and age fighting peptides.

Visible Results

Your skin will be left glowing, hydrated and smooth with your pores refined and skin plumped.

Select the Deluxe HydraFacial and we also add an additional infusion of a specially picked booster which we push into the skin. This does just as the name suggests – it boosts the results that you get from your HydraFacial.

We can target pigmentation, induce collagen and elastin, and generally recharge the skin. In addition to this you will also receive time under our HEALITE LED which you can read about in our last blog here.

Then there’s the cream de la cream HydraFacial treatment – the HydraFacial Platinum.

This treatment starts with a lymph draining treatment flushing out fluid build up making way for new oxygenated blood. This extra step really sets the stage for the rest of the treatment.

We then perform the Signature protocol with the additional booster infusion and also HEALITE LED. We finish this treatment with a warm buttery mask and massage.

In addition to all the above treatments, we also offer lip and eye perks, these are targeted additions to any HydraFacial service.