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Let us help you achieve eczema-free skin without the use of topical steroids! 

At Epidermis + Sage we really understand how eczema impacts how you feel about yourself and your skin. We are here to support and guide you through your skin healing – you absolutely do not have to live with this chronic skin condition.

We all know eczema as the red, hot, broken, dry and inflamed skin. It is uncomfortable and is a chronic skin condition many have lived with since childhood.

Types of Eczema

There are actually two types of Eczema:

  • Contact Dermatitis – This starts with impairment within the skin barrier causing the skin to become reactive to certain substances. It is often irritated by the use of surfactants, aggressive products and chemicals on the skin which then leads to a contact dermatitis flare up.
  • Atopic Dermatitis – This is the genetic form of Eczema that develops during childhood. A key binding protein in the skins structure called filaggrin is missing. When the skin lacks in this protein, the skin becomes impaired, allowing allergens & pathogens to enter the skin. Over time the constant battle of fighting these leads to the breakdown of the skin immunity causing inflammation, trans-epidermal water loss, scaling, shedding and hyper-sensitivity.

Eczema Causes

Eczema is a multifactorial skin condition where diet, emotion and environmental factors all have a play in causing a flare/reaction on the skin. With the skin weakened by the constant battle of inflammation you are more reactive to environmental factors like pollen and dust, or emotions like stress which raise cortisol in the body leading to increased inflammation.

Eczema Treatments

Western medicine directs most people with eczema to use topical steroid creams and, in some cases, internal steroids to overcome the flare up and calm the skin down. While these do provide some temporary relief, they do not treat the root cause of the eczema.

For long-term results, we need to look at our gut health and skin cell growth/immunity. These are the crucial building blocks of the skin’s barrier.

A high-quality Omega will start to bind the skin and create a strong healthy lipid barrier making it difficult for pathogens and allergens to enter the skin, therefore reducing inflammation and irritation within the skin.

A huge turning factor for Drew’s eczema was focusing on gut health and, more importantly, the gut microbiome – essential to the body’s overall immunity and absorption of nutrients.

Our homecare recommendations are:


  • Osmosis Skin Clarifier x 3 rounds – This is a gut and candida cleanse to clear the gut of mucus and candida overgrowth, and create a strong and healthy functioning gut. This ensures overall immunity and optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Osmosis Skin Perfection – This is your maintenance after completing the Skin Clarifier to ensure the gut microbiome doesn’t get another candida overgrowth and supports the absorption of nutrients.
  • Osmosis Recovery – This is a rich and powerful blend of prebiotics, Omega and essential fatty acids, giving the skin cells all the nutrients and support to create a strong skin barrier whilst also helping to stop trans-epidermal water loss.


  • Roccoco CPR Intense – helps to reduce the intense itch when in a flare. Used over the full body to calm down the inflammation whilst mimicking the effects of a steroid cream.
  • Roccoco CPR – locks in hydration whilst using skin identical ceramides to replenish vital moisture levels within the skin. Prevents trans-epidermal water loss and maintains a healthy skin barrier.
  • Roccoco Rescue Balm – provides an antihistamine-like effect of relief to the skin whilst reinforcing the skin protective barrier. Calming and soothing to irritated and inflamed skin.
  • Roccoco Hydrating Treatment Essence – use in conjunction with your moisturiser for optimal absorption. The perfect on-the-go moisture top-up that increases water within the skin and replenishes the skin whilst also leaving a cooling spritzing effect.

Our recommended Treatments are:

  • LED Light Therapy – not only do you get to relax under the warmth of the light but the wound healing support given to broken eczema skin actually speeds up the healing.
  • Roccoco Prescriptive Facial – rebuilds the skin and aids in trans-epidermal water loss whilst topically replacing the skin’s barrier until your skin can produce a strong healthy barrier for itself again.
Ask your E+S Holistic Skin Therapist for more information and to book the best treatment for your skin. We always recommend starting with our FIRST STEP SKIN CONSULTATION before jumping into any new skin care program. Consultation investment is 100% redeemable.