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Age Management – We can help your skin age gracefully.

Results from monthly in-clinic treatments plus basic age management skincare at home.

Ageing may be a fact of life but we still want to have beautiful skin for our age. Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your best possible skin.

Some typical signs of ageing include fine lines and some deeper lines, pigmentation spots, sagging of the skin and thinning of the skin. And while we do promote embracing ageing naturally, we also need to be aware of and manage the drawbacks to this process which can impact the health and function of your skin. We’re talking skin cancers, Solar Keratosis and a very thin skin which can lead to continuous bruising and splitting.

Solar Keratosis and other skin cancers are a direct result of sun exposure and the skin cells basically “giving up” and reproducing damaging precancerous or even cancerous cells. Your best defense against these risks and most affordable way to maintain beautiful skin is by using sunscreen regularly!  Ideally you will apply this twice daily to prevent age related concerns.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start caring for your skin! Our skin care, supplement lines and treatments CAN get that collagen reactivated, and we often see time is turned back topically once a client introduces a few key pieces to their home care routine. We can also prevent those skin cells from turning cancerous with a strong anti-oxidants and DNA repair enzymes found throughout our skin care treatments and products.

Our recommended products are:

Results from the use of Roccoco Lupine 3D plus Roccoco Algav Dew (after 4 weeks). Notice the reduction of the line between the brows and also the lifting in eye lids!

Our recommended Treatments include:

  • Osmosis Revital Pen Pro – a Holistic Facial Therapy Treatment
  • Alpha Performance facial ritual – an Advanced Facial Therapy Treatment
  • Exceed Medical Micro Needling – a High Tech Skin Treatment
  • HEALTE LED mini facial – a High Tech Skin Treatment

Ask your E+S Holistic Skin Therapist for more information and to book the best treatment for your skin. We always recommend starting with our FIRST STEP SKIN CONSULTATION before jumping into any new skin care program. Consultation investment is 100% redeemable.