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Holistic skin therapy with proven results

Looking after your skin doesn’t have to be complicated… and when you approach it from a holistic perspective, it isn't.

We combine the best of nature & technology to give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Think of our clinic as your sanctuary. A place to feel seen & heard, a place to relax & indulge, and a place to help you look & feel your most confident.


Holistic Skin Therapy

Do you battle with your skin? Have you tried various products and treatments, but nothing seems to work? Feeling stressed because the condition you thought was gone has come back with a vengeance?

We combine the best of nature & technology to give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Think of our clinic as your sanctuary. A place to feel seen & heard, a place to relax & indulge, and a place to help you look & feel your most confident.

Epidermis & Sage Acne

Acne, sensitive skin & chronic conditions

Want clear, healthy skin without relying on ‘band aid’ medication with serious side effects?

Epidermis & Sage pigmentation

Pigmentation & discolouration

Dreaming of a more even skin tone? It’s possible

Epidermis & Sage Anti Ageing

Anti-ageing & rejuvenation

Enjoy beautiful skin at any age - you’ve earned it.

Epidermis & Sage Skin Conditions

Bespoke facials

Always dreamy, always customised (think ‘relaxation with results’)

Epidermis & Sage Essential Grooming

Essential grooming

All the beauty services you need to look and feel your best

Epidermis & Sage Signature Spa Treatments

Signature Spa Treatments

Relaxation for the mind, body, skin and soul

Epidermis & Sage Skin Membership


The perfect way to regularly maintain your skin regimen with a package to suit every skin goal and concern

Epidermis & Sage Men's Menu

Men's Menu

A range of facial and grooming treatments specific for men

Holistic Skin Therapy

Step inside our nurturing clinic in the heart of Mount Maunganui and let’s start your journey to beautiful skin today!

The Process


Step inside our nurturing clinic in the heart of Mount Maunganui and let’s start your journey to beautiful skin today!


After exploring your genetics, diet, medication, hormones, gut health & lifestyle, we’ll write up a detailed skin prescription just for you with recommended products and treatments.


It’s time to start your in-clinic and at-home skincare regime… are you ready to look & feel amazing?!

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Our Favourite Products

These a few of our favourite products that we stock.

Our Favourite Products

These a few of our favourite products that we stock.

Constance is warm and friendly – she puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. And when it comes to skin health, she really knows her stuff! She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the products we should be using (and avoiding) for optimal skin health, as well as the role of nutrition, lifestyle and internal supplements. Over the last couple of months I’ve switched to botanical skincare (and got rid of products with comedogenic ingredients) and upped my omega 3 and zinc levels. My skin feels amazing so far and I can’t wait to continue my journey with Constance, she really is one of a kind.”

Laura Tuck

Constance transformed my skin from being dehydrated, red and acne-prone to clear, healthy, acne-free and radiant. I can’t recommend her and her Roccoco products enough. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Briar Yates

My daughter has been on an amazing skin journey with Constance after she was recommended to us for treatment of acne. Constance was very honest in her approach and the commitment required (both in-clinic and at home), which we appreciated. I can safely say my daughter’s skin looks amazing - Constance helped get her confidence back and she now very rarely wears makeup! I also see Constance for my own skin, and she approaches mature skin the same way. I highly recommend Constance for quality care, service and products.

Tania Williamson

Constance is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She has an amazing understanding of how to look after your skin both inside and out - my skin has never been better, and I feel very confident without any makeup now! Constance genuinely cares about her clients. She’s warm, kind and extremely reliable. Thank you for looking after me so well over the last few years!

Jemma McLoughlin

I’ve been seeing Constance for over a year now for regular skin care. She takes time to evaluate my skin at each session and skillfully manages any problems that arise. I love her facial technique – it’s incredibly relaxing and I always leave feeling totally pampered and rejuvenated.

Kathie Sale

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New Roccoco product alert 🚨⁠

Encouraging gentle exfoliation of the skin, this unique enzymatic powder cleanser gently purifies while buffing the skin's surface, Roccoco Polishing Cleanser will leave you with soft, smooth, glowing skin - guaranteed ✨

Meet Anna! 🌻⁠

"I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Constance for coming up 2 years in April. It’s been such an eye-opening experience to treat the skin through holistic practices and once you become educated on what an impact all these factors have there’s no way you can go back to treating solely through topical products and I’m so grateful for the passion, education and guidance that Constance provides as an employer and a friend! There’s not much that my clients won’t know about me because I’m a very open book! But some interesting things are:⁠

🌼 Before becoming a Beauty Therapist I worked on cattle stations in Outback Australia as a cook.⁠

🌼 I’m also a qualified Makeup Artist⁠

🌼 I read a lot in my free time, love going to the beach, spend lots of time with family and way too much time on TikTok.⁠

🌼 Next year my goal is to do lots of hiking! And lots more travelling around our beautiful country."

In stressful times like these, our bodies and skin act as the messenger, taking most of the impact of long term stress. ⁠

Even though we can't control some of the things happening in the world right now, we do have control over the way we respond to them. Here are some simple ways to help you:⁠

💤 If possible, sleep 7-8 hours each night, it is essential to help your body cope with detox and regeneration. ⁠

💦 Movement. If a good sweating session feels good, go for it, but don't overdo high-intensity exercise as is not too great for stress levels. You can try to mix it up with yoga to calm the soul and the skin.⁠

🥙 Mindful eating (no phones or distractions). How we eat is as important as what we eat. Give your body what it needs to digest everything properly.⁠

🧘🏻‍♀️ Try diaphragmatic breathing. Breath in slowly through the nose into your belly, and breath out slowly letting the belly drop. Do as many deep breaths as you like.⁠

🌳 Try to spend some time outdoors, even better if there is some sunshine!

Covid Framework Update⁠

We’ve had a confirmation date of the 3rd of December. You will need a valid vaccine passport either on your phone or printed out, these will be checked on your arrival.⁠

If you are someone who is not vaccinating at this time you will need to shift your appointment forward or cancel. Once we hit Green light we can schedule you again 🙌🏻⁠

Please be compassionate at this time. We are a mandated business and have no choice but to implement this or close our doors.

Hi people,⁠

Constance here. I’ve been pretty quiet on the subject of covid because I’ve been dreading broaching the subject. The position I’ve found myself in (having to decide whether to implement the new vaccine passport system) does not fit well with my community values.⁠

But I have made a decision. ⁠

E+S will operate under the new traffic light system, which means we (your therapists) and you (our clients) will need to be fully vaccinated. We’re still waiting on government confirmation of when these regulations will come into place and will let you know as soon as we hear.⁠

This decision has not been made lightly, and I know some people won’t understand or agree with it. I respect everyone’s opinion and decisions around health, but if we don’t implement the traffic light system we face not being able to open our doors in both red and orange. As a small business without government subsidies, we need to operate to survive.⁠

You - our clients - mean the world to us, and it’s not only our priority to keep you safe but to ensure we continue serving you for many years to come!⁠

To those who are exercising their freedom of choice, I’m truly sorry. I’m working through some options for at-home facials (including a hand-held LED), I can still deliver products right to your door, and my email is always open for any skin questions. I hope to welcome you back in level green, but if you do have an upcoming appointment, please try and move it forward by flicking us an email. ⁠

I’ll be sending an email soon with further details about what this means for you (and what to do if you have bookings, vouchers or a membership). If you don’t receive our emails, please subscribe through the website.⁠

The day we’re back to ‘normal’ will be a celebrated one. The fact this WILL pass keeps me going. ⁠

Thank you so much for all the support, my wonderful E+S community.⁠

Much love, ⁠

Say hello to the new beauty basics, the foundations of your new beauty routine 😉⁠

You can now get these absolute essentials in a bundle, and at an exclusive price! ⁠

💦 Quenching Beauty Basics (Cleanse 50mL + Quench 50mL) RRP$156, saving $27⁠

A gentle cleanser and moisturizer duo to quench your skin all summer long. Reinvigorate your complexion with the cooling and calming deliciousness of peppermint and lavender in Cleanse, and the refreshing citrus-oil infused hydration dream that is Quench.⁠

💦 Hydrating Beauty Basics (Purify 50mL + Hydrate 50mL) RRP$162, saving $28⁠

An energising enzyme cleanser and plumping moisturizer duo to hydrate your skin all summer long. Smooth your complexion with the deliciousness of pineapple and papaya enzymes in Purify, and envelop your skin in the plumping, hydrating formula of Hydrate.⁠

💦 Enriching Beauty Basics (Lift Away 75mL + Enrich 30mL) RRP$179, saving $31⁠

A balmy cleanser and nourishing moisturizer duo to enrich your skin all summer long. Super-charge your skin with nourishing botanicals, fruit oils and natural humectants as you cleanse the day away with Lift-Away Cleansing Balm. Boosting luminosity and skin repair with Enrich Restorative Face and Neck Cream.⁠

Available now in store! 🤗

Amen! 👆🏼⁠

No such thing as quick fixes around here 😅 remember... results come from consistency and care. Skin cells take quite a bit of time to get the message!

Face Mapping 🔍⁠

Our bodies are constantly showing us what they need... all we have to do is understand the clues! 😅⁠

💫 This is Osmosis Face Mapping, one of the tools we use when looking and analysing your skin. Our skin is an amazing communicator and tells us so much on a daily basis. ⁠

💫 Face Mapping connects the internal imbalances to the condition it represents on the face. Each zone represents internal and surface locations and provides us with clear assistance in the analysis of the organs, toxins, and mechanisms involved in most common skin conditions.⁠

By digging a little deeper and having this information, we can get to the root problem of your skin condition, and then treat it from within as well as topically. ⁠

Where are your problem areas? ⁠

Say hello to the new kid on the block... Fur oil! ✨⁠

This amazing lil bottle is all you'll need for silky pubic hair! Fur Oil softens body hair and skin AND prevents ingrowns from cropping over time.⁠

Fur Oil is made with - ⁠

⭐ Grapeseed Oil: A vitamin E, D, and C complex that hydrates the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue.⁠

⭐ Jojoba Oil: A liquid wax derived from the jojoba plant that mimics the body’s natural moisturizing properties to soften hair and skin.⁠

⭐ Clary Sage Oil: An antibacterial essential oil and astringent that soothes redness and post-shaving irritation.⁠

⭐ Tea Tree Oil: A powerful antimicrobial essential oil that eliminates excess sebum in the pores to prevent ingrowns and speeds up the skin’s healing process.⁠

Say goodbye to ingrowns, itchy hair, and razor burn 👋🏼⁠


Hi, I'm Constance! 👋🏼

I thought this would be a good time to reintroduce myself... the face behind Epidermis + Sage

⭐ I am a mum of two boys (Caique and Quinn), we also have two dogs and a turtle (it’s a full house 😂) and I must not forget to mention my husband Felipe, a Brazilian who has never left 😉 We’re a busy little unit running 2 businesses (our other business is @mountmaunganuijiujitsu). Felipe and I meet in Auckland while in my 3rd year of working as a new beauty therapist and soon after we meet I moved us both down to the beautiful BOP (I grew up in Rotorua and wanted to get a bit closer to home). The Mount is very much like Brazil in many ways, so we saw ourselves settling in and making this area our home. It’s now been about 13 years since calling Tauranga home 💛

⭐ I have been in the beauty industry for +17 years. From the very beginning, I've had an interest in treating the skin and seeing results. Witnessing the improvement in my client's self-esteem has always been a massive driving force for me.
As my career has gone on, I've seen an increase in chronic skin conditions that are closely linked to the environment and lifestyle in general. Treating these conditions with topical products was never enough to get the client to where they wanted to be with their skin... so this led me to learn to treat the skin from a holistic perspective.
Through this new understanding about the skin, I was able to find 3 amazing skin ranges to work with, plus I now have staff who also are treating the skin just like myself.

⭐ I see Epidermis + Sage continuing to grow. We will always be a clinic focused on realistic results and setting our clients up with long term solutions to age-related skin concerns or difficult skin conditions. Our focus is to be somewhere you’d NEVER feel out of place visiting and where the value and quality of our treatments will always be next to none.

You may see me at the front desk from time to time, my books are now closed as my focus goes into the running of the clinic, staff training and I also into keeping up to date with new science and learning around the skin so we can give our clients the best treatment possible ✨

Booking reminder! 😯⁠

We are ready for the next few weeks of pre-Xmas grooming and skin glow ups 💃🏼 So please make sure you book in advance to secure your spot! We have more hours available including Mondays, late nights and Saturdays, PLUS we'll be open between Xmas and New Years! 🌻⁠

Nothing like some natural and fluffy eyebrows for the win 😍 ⁠

As easy as a Brow Tint & Wax by Anna to get this stunning & effortless look! ✨

Why not welcome a little luxury into your morning routines with the @purebodyluxe range of affordable, all-natural and indulgent face and body oils? 🙌🏼⁠

You can use ADVANCED-C Face Oil Serum for a youthful, bright and refreshed facial glow and follow up with a moisture surge from AWAKEN - Face and Body Oil for the perfect start to your day ✨

As passionate advocates of self-care, we love nothing more than to help you enjoy a well-deserved moment of ‘you’ time! ❤️⁠

Our bespoke facials offer the best of both worlds: divine relaxation and proven results! 💫⁠

Contact us at 07 574 9888 or make your booking online at !

A little reminder to our beautiful clients to wear your SPF! Even on moody days like these 🌦️⁠

Those cheeky UV rays from the sun are still making their way through the clouds and can cause damage resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, pigmentation and red blotches 👎🏼

Meet Cissy! 💫⁠

Cissy is a Beauty therapist with 10 years of experience and we are super excited she has joined the E + S team!⁠

This is Cissy in her own words sharing 5 things about herself - ⁠

⭐ I am a mum of two boys who love adventure and family time.⁠

⭐ My happy place is anywhere there is water and an amazing view!⁠

⭐ I am a very down to earth calm person and I believe this adds to the experience of the treatments you receive.⁠

⭐ I love when people feel very relaxed and open around me. I find this happens quickly and we can create a great bond through your skin health journey.⁠

⭐ A perfect summers afternoon is spent with friends/family with a glass of wine in hand!⁠

Cissy is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (including late nights)!⁠

We're offering a discount code for online bookings with Cissy between November 8th and December 3rd! (Minimum spend $50) ➡️ WELCOME15%⁠

Transformations ✨⁠

Chelsea is an acne client of ours that has been dealing with chronic acne from a very young age. In her case acne is genetic but is also triggered by food sensitivities. She had tried antibiotics and medical acne treatment, but neither of these treatments worked for Chelsea. ⁠

From the start of treatments till now it’s been 7-8 months of consistent treatments, home care products (Rococo Botanicals) plus targeting and removing internal triggers. ⁠

This hasn’t been easy! Chelsea has battled through some really painful purging and some very low points as her skin really struggled to heal. With constant ongoing support from us and Jancine Greenwood @Roccocobotanicals, we have finally got there!! ⁠

This has all been done WITHOUT medication, peels or aggressive skin products 🙌🏽 ⁠

Collagen! What is it and why all the hype? 🤔 ⁠

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons; it’s the substance that holds our bodies together. Collagen forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure.⁠

When we think of the skin collagen is what is keeping you young 👶🏻 Our ability to make collagen decreases as we age, plus the sun, free radical damage, stress and lack of sleep will also degrade your collagen production. ⁠

Collagen powder is the beauty industry's biggest scam- yes I said it! 💪🏻⁠
Most of the collagen out there are actually just expensive protein powders, so please don’t fall for the pretty packaging and brand ambassador marketing. Quite often these collagen powders are not broken down into small enough peptides. ⁠

What to look for in a collagen powder?⁠

We recommend looking for an active ingredient called VERISOL®, there are proven studies around this registered collagen peptide. VERISOL® is proven to improve collagen production, elasticity (the bounce in your skin) , smooths the skin reducing cellulite, it promotes healthy nails and also thicker hair! It boasts as much as a 65% increase in skin collagen (collagen type 1). ⁠

❌ Don’t go for pretty packaging⁠

✅ Look for collagen that also targets hair and nails ⁠

✅ Your collagen should ideally contain different kinds of collagen peptides⁠

🚨Acne sufferers – be aware, many collagen powders can cause acne⁠

At Epidermis & Sage we are big on taking time for yourself and your beautiful skin as a way of self-care 💛⁠

It is easy to fall into lifestyle habits that are not necessarily amazing for our health, and some great makeup products and magical filters that make it look flawless seem like the perfect solution but, at the end of the day, they are just a band-aid solution and our skin deserves better!⁠

Remember that you can start small with some good nutrition, keeping hydrated, using SPF, moisturizer and some loving facials from time to time ✨ ⁠


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