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beautiful skin possible

Holistic skin therapy with proven results

Looking after your skin doesn’t have to be complicated… and when you approach it from a holistic perspective, it isn't.

We combine the best of nature & technology to give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Think of our clinic as your sanctuary. A place to feel seen & heard, a place to relax & indulge, and a place to help you look & feel your most confident.


Holistic Skin Therapy

Do you battle with your skin? Have you tried various products and treatments, but nothing seems to work? Feeling stressed because the condition you thought was gone has come back with a vengeance?

We combine the best of nature & technology to give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Think of our clinic as your sanctuary. A place to feel seen & heard, a place to relax & indulge, and a place to help you look & feel your most confident.

Epidermis & Sage Acne

Acne, sensitive skin & chronic conditions

Want clear, healthy skin without relying on ‘band aid’ medication with serious side effects?

Epidermis & Sage pigmentation

Pigmentation & discolouration

Dreaming of a more even skin tone? It’s possible

Epidermis & Sage Anti Ageing

Anti-ageing & rejuvenation

Enjoy beautiful skin at any age - you’ve earned it.

Epidermis & Sage Skin Conditions

Bespoke facials

Always dreamy, always customised (think ‘relaxation with results’)

Epidermis & Sage Essential Grooming

Essential grooming

All the beauty services you need to look and feel your best

Epidermis & Sage Signature Spa Treatments

Signature Spa Treatments

Relaxation for the mind, body, skin and soul

Epidermis & Sage Skin Membership


The perfect way to regularly maintain your skin regimen with a package to suit every skin goal and concern

Epidermis & Sage Men's Menu

Men's Menu

A range of facial and grooming treatments specific for men

Holistic Skin Therapy

Step inside our nurturing clinic in the heart of Mount Maunganui and let’s start your journey to beautiful skin today!

The Process


Step inside our nurturing clinic in the heart of Mount Maunganui and let’s start your journey to beautiful skin today!


After exploring your genetics, diet, medication, hormones, gut health & lifestyle, we’ll write up a detailed skin prescription just for you with recommended products and treatments.


It’s time to start your in-clinic and at-home skincare regime… are you ready to look & feel amazing?!

Want great skin?

Enter your details to receive tips and advice for sustainable skin health, plus exclusive offers on products, supplements and treatments.

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Our Favourite Products

These a few of our favourite products that we stock.

Our Favourite Products

These a few of our favourite products that we stock.

Constance is warm and friendly – she puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. And when it comes to skin health, she really knows her stuff! She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the products we should be using (and avoiding) for optimal skin health, as well as the role of nutrition, lifestyle and internal supplements. Over the last couple of months I’ve switched to botanical skincare (and got rid of products with comedogenic ingredients) and upped my omega 3 and zinc levels. My skin feels amazing so far and I can’t wait to continue my journey with Constance, she really is one of a kind.”

Laura Tuck

Constance transformed my skin from being dehydrated, red and acne-prone to clear, healthy, acne-free and radiant. I can’t recommend her and her Roccoco products enough. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Briar Yates

My daughter has been on an amazing skin journey with Constance after she was recommended to us for treatment of acne. Constance was very honest in her approach and the commitment required (both in-clinic and at home), which we appreciated. I can safely say my daughter’s skin looks amazing - Constance helped get her confidence back and she now very rarely wears makeup! I also see Constance for my own skin, and she approaches mature skin the same way. I highly recommend Constance for quality care, service and products.

Tania Williamson

Constance is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She has an amazing understanding of how to look after your skin both inside and out - my skin has never been better, and I feel very confident without any makeup now! Constance genuinely cares about her clients. She’s warm, kind and extremely reliable. Thank you for looking after me so well over the last few years!

Jemma McLoughlin

I’ve been seeing Constance for over a year now for regular skin care. She takes time to evaluate my skin at each session and skillfully manages any problems that arise. I love her facial technique – it’s incredibly relaxing and I always leave feeling totally pampered and rejuvenated.

Kathie Sale

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Candida overgrowth follow-up 💫⁠

Candida overgrowth on the skin does not just look like acne… This is another example of how candida can affect the skin 👆🏼 ⁠

Results - After just 1 round of the Osmosis Skin Clarifier, 10-day blemish cleanse. These results have come about so quickly because we treated this client's condition from the source and not what we are seeing on the surface. We also gave this client the Osmosis Stemfactor, this took care of some of the painful inflammation and healing on the surface. ⁠

We love seeing these incredible results! ❤️ 🙌🏽⁠

"Your body has no 'bad angles', every part deserves respect and every part is worthy. Your body doesn't think about angles when it's healing, protecting you, supporting you, keeping you alive. It just is. So the least we could so is just love it a little bit and care for it a lot."⁠

by @cydneylrj

Maximize your at-home skincare routine with the EPIC Skin Tool ✨⁠

Let your active ingredients work even better with Osmosis EPIC Skin Tool designed to promote deeper penetration (up to 30% more!) of a products active ingredients, without compromising skin health.⁠

This means you'll see optimum results from your skincare investment, faster 😏 Can be used safely anywhere on the face, neck, or body, and on most skin types (we do not recommend the EPIC Skin Tool for people with severe acne, rosacea, or dermatitis).⁠

Available now online and in clinic!

😷 Acne caused by wearing a mask is actually a thing… we call it "maskne" and it is caused by friction on your follicles and skin, creating an impaired barrier. ⁠

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your skin healthy and avoiding breakouts:⁠

~ If possible, choose a mask with two layers of breathable material, such as cotton or silk⁠
~ Wash your mask regularly to avoid the buildup of nasty bacteria⁠
~ It's a good idea to have a couple of extra masks so you can change them regularly⁠
~ Cleanse and moisturize every day⁠
~ Skip the makeup if you can to avoid the clogging of pores ⁠
~ As it's not acne as such, we recommend treating it like a reaction on the skin with calming skin healing ingredients. Our products recommended for maskne are Roccoco Reactive Skin Serum and Peptide Serum and Osmosis RESCUE. ⁠

Welcome back! 😍⁠

We are SO excited to have you back in the clinic! We will be taking a few extra precautions and wearing masks while we look after you.⁠

Please follow these guidelines: ⁠
- Wait in your car until a few minutes before your appointment.⁠
- Scan the QR as you enter the clinic, it is on the wall on the left as you enter.⁠
- Help yourself to the Paume anti-bacterial hand gel which is on the front desk.⁠
- Please come alone to your appointment, unless you have arranged prior to your visit.⁠

Covid vaccine - Due to the inflammatory nature of the covid vaccine, it is recommended by⁠ the NZ Beauty Association that we give 2 weeks between receiving the vaccine and having⁠ any advanced skin treatments. Slow wound healing and adverse skin reactions have been⁠
reported in the skin and beauty industry post-vaccination.⁠

We look forward to seeing you all! 💛

Last chance to get the best freebie of all time! 💦⁠

With every Smile Makers purchase this week you get one of their amazing lubes for FREE (until stock runs out)! You don't need to do anything, we'll just pack your gift from our end. Just another great addition to your self-care routine 😌⁠

+ FREE delivery to Mount locals!

Level 3 goodies! 🎁⁠

Even though we can't offer our full in-clinic service yet, Level 3 means that we can start sending all of our products available on our website! Yewww!⁠ ⁠

+ we're offering FREE delivery to Mount locals!⁠
+ all Smile Makers sales from this week get a FREE lube valued at $24 (until stock runs out)!⁠

You can shop now at, we're working hard to get all orders out as soon as possible 💛


Is your skin feeling dry, irritated? Do you have this weird rash around your mouth or on your eyelids? Or maybe you’ve had a breakout and this has come out of nowhere…!⁠

You are quite likely feeling a little stressed about the lockdown we are in or maybe you’ve got something else going on. It is ok to feel this way 🙂 and your skin will suffer when under any kind of stress, including normal everyday stressors.⁠

🔍 Why does this happen? When we’re stressed our body produces hormones such as cortisol – heightened levels of this stress hormone will increase sebaceous fluid, shut down healing and collagen production and also throw the barrier function out. So it’s no wonder after stressful life events of periods of stress we come out looking 10 years older…😒 ⁠

These are our tips to manage stressed skin-⁠

1️⃣ Do not use anything topical that will add inflammation to your skin. These include aha’s, BHA's, retinol, Vit C, strong enzymes, basically if it tingles or stings put it down and come back to it once your skin is strong again. Also home rollers and blades. ⁠
2️⃣ Use healing ingredients such as stem cells, peptides, cholesterol, probiotics, beta-glucan, willowherb. We have many products that will heal and calm the skin, you can check them out on our website 😉⁠
3️⃣ Sleeping in a mask is my favourite as it prevents water loss while you sleep, you lose even more while you’re going through stress. Water loss leads to poor healing and aged skin.⁠
4️⃣ Take EFA's and zinc - zinc is depleted when we are stressed and it is needed for healing, EFA's (omega 3) are helpful for barrier function. ⁠
5️⃣ Stop over-exercising! This is more stress you just don’t need.⁠
6️⃣ Eat less sugar and also drink less alcohol (sorry 😬)⁠
7️⃣ And of course try to lower stress levels holistically, yoga, walking on the beach, deep breathing and feet up the wall are things that help me. You may have to find your way of unravelling and finding some peace in this busy world. ⁠

If you have any questions please comment below! We are here for you! ❤️⁠

👆🏼 Just remember a little bit of self-care can go a long way in times like this... 😌⁠


We know how stressful this can be, especially when your skin is taking the hit. We want to help you in the best way we can, so we are offering 2 options for online skin consultations 🙌🏽⁠

✨ For those of you who just need a little bit of guidance with choosing the right product for your skin, we have a FREE skincare questionnaire:⁠
- Jump on⁠
- Click on the SHOP tab⁠
- You'll spot the free questionnaire right at the top of the shop⁠

✨ And for those people that need a bit more help due to more complicated skin conditions, such as an eczema flair or acne breakout, we are offering a full comprehensive skin consultation. This is just about identical to the one you would have in clinic:⁠
- value of $150⁠
- PLUS you get a code to receive 1/2 of that consult price back to spend in skincare ($75 redeemable on product purchase over the value of $150)⁠
-This can be found under ABOUT and also in the shop under OTHER. ⁠

Don't hesitate to send us a DM, we are here for you! 💛 ⁠

Ps. Any essential product such as skincare & Paume hand sanitiser is being delivered via non-contact delivery.

✨ B I R T H D A Y G I V E A W A Y ✨⁠

Lockdown is extending so we wanna make these next few days a bit sweeter for you with this amazing ⁠

Start your skin journey on us! ⁠

The winner will receive:⁠
✨ A full comprehensive skin consultation⁠
✨ Your first customised & bespoke treatment ⁠
✨ PLUS $500 worth of product!⁠

All together $700 in value! ❤️⁠


To be in to win here's how:⁠
Follow us on IG & tag a friend who may also want to win, extra entries if you share on your stories 😉⁠


Terms and conditions: ⁠
- Cancellation policy applies, sorry no 2nd chances for no shows or late cancellations ⁠
- Voucher can not be redeemed in the month of December ⁠
- We may use before and after images via social media ⁠
- The winner can gift the total of the prize to someone else however, they must hand over the total prize won.⁠

*This competition is in no way sponsored, administrated, associated, endorsed by Instagram or Facebook.⁠


Winner will be drawn 31st August⁠

Good luck!🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼⁠

Closed L4 lockdown -
•All current bookings will be left in place and rescheduled in order once we know when we’re able to open again. If you happen to have an appointment on the day we reopen (lucky you 🍀) those appointments will take place as per schedule.
•If we are able to open this weekend, we will have Constance catching up on appointments and Anna on Monday .
•Sorry we’re not yet sure if we can deliver products, they are deemed as non essential.
•We will have all our birthday promotions running from re opening 🙌 this includes some AMAZING gift with purchase.
•Our event has been postponed for now , we hope to do another in the future 💃

Stay safe everyone, let’s do this

Love the girls at E + S

Remember you can book a FREE consultation with us to see what skin membership is right for you.⁠

You can find all our skin memberships on our website 📲

Dry and chapped winter lips? ⛄️ ⁠

The Henné Lip Mask with organic Sea Buckthorn oil is here to help. This precious oil contains over 200 active components that help smoothen, tighten, nourish, & soothe lips and skin.⁠

Apply a thick layer of the Lip Mask, and leave it on while you get ready, during the day, or even overnight, as little or as long as you'd like 🙌🏼

We know you don’t want to hear this but...⁠ Botox is not skincare⁠

💉 Botox will smooth out lines and wrinkles giving you that fresh-faced appearance, and we think it's great if you are after that quick freshen up… but there’s a catch. Botox does not prevent aging on the surface of the skin. ⁠

If you would like to reverse signs of aging there is so much more to the skin than lines and wrinkles; there is pigmentation, redness, thinning of the skin, lack of hydration, and general lackluster of the skin. ⁠

🤔 Preventative Botox sounds like a great idea (those frozen lines won’t stay frozen once the Botox wears off if your skin is still aged on the surface ) ….have you heard of preventative skincare? ⁠

Undoing years of DNA damage on the surface of the skin is 10 times harder than preventing it with active skincare. Even if you are using a couple of key anti-aging products and SPF, it is better than nothing at all. ⁠

I don’t know about you? I know I’d rather the odd line here and there with beautiful skin… than a wrinkle-free face with 100 year-old skin 👵🏼⁠

G I V E A W A Y ✨⁠

We’ve teamed up with a few other superb local businesses to offer you the chance to WIN this incredible prize pack. ⁠

It’s all about supporting local, shopping local and promoting local business!⁠
The winner will receive:⁠
✨ A cut, blow wave and treatment with one of the stylists @blowhairco ⁠
✨ A voucher to shop for your little treasures at @thekidsstorenz ⁠
✨ A voucher and an amazing gift pack from @epidermis_and_sage ⁠
✨ A voucher for the most delicious Ice-cream you will ever try from @mountmade ⁠

Total prize pack valued at $420! ⁠
To be in to win here’s how 👇🏼⁠
Like this post, comment on this post by tagging as many friends as you like, and follow the accounts involved in this giveaway. ⁠

*One entry per person. Winner must be located in the Bay of Plenty region as prizes need to be redeemed in stores. ⁠

*This competition is in no way sponsored, administrated, associated, endorsed by Instagram or Facebook ⁠

Winner will be drawn Friday 13th August⁠


Enter your details to receive tips and advice for sustainable skin health, plus exclusive offers on products, supplements and treatments.

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You’ll also get 10% off your first product purchase!

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