Holistic skin therapy with proven results

Looking after your skin doesn’t have to be complicated… and when you approach it from a holistic perspective, it isn't.

We combine the best of nature & technology to give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Think of our clinic as your sanctuary. A place to feel seen & heard, a place to relax & indulge, and a place to help you look & feel your most confident.


Holistic Skin Therapy

Do you battle with your skin? Have you tried various products and treatments, but nothing seems to work? Feeling stressed because the condition you thought was gone has come back with a vengeance?

We combine the best of nature & technology to give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Think of our clinic as your sanctuary. A place to feel seen & heard, a place to relax & indulge, and a place to help you look & feel your most confident.

Epidermis & Sage Acne

Acne, sensitive skin & chronic conditions

Want clear, healthy skin without relying on ‘band aid’ medication with serious side effects?

Epidermis & Sage pigmentation

Pigmentation & discolouration

Dreaming of a more even skin tone? It’s possible

Epidermis & Sage Anti Ageing

Anti-ageing & rejuvenation

Enjoy beautiful skin at any age - you’ve earned it.

Epidermis & Sage Skin Conditions

Bespoke facials

Always dreamy, always customised (think ‘relaxation with results’)

Epidermis & Sage Essential Grooming

Essential grooming

All the beauty services you need to look and feel your best

Epidermis & Sage Signature Spa Treatments

Signature Spa Treatments

Relaxation for the mind, body, skin and soul

Epidermis & Sage Skin Membership


The perfect way to regularly maintain your skin regimen with a package to suit every skin goal and concern

Epidermis & Sage Men's Menu

Men's Menu

A range of facial and grooming treatments specific for men

Holistic Skin Therapy

Step inside our nurturing clinic in the heart of Mount Maunganui and let’s start your journey to beautiful skin today!

The Process


Step inside our nurturing clinic in the heart of Mount Maunganui and let’s start your journey to beautiful skin today!


After exploring your genetics, diet, medication, hormones, gut health & lifestyle, we’ll write up a detailed skin prescription just for you with recommended products and treatments.


It’s time to start your in-clinic and at-home skincare regime… are you ready to look & feel amazing?!

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Our Favourite Products

These a few of our favourite products that we stock.

Our Favourite Products

These a few of our favourite products that we stock.

Constance is warm and friendly – she puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. And when it comes to skin health, she really knows her stuff! She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the products we should be using (and avoiding) for optimal skin health, as well as the role of nutrition, lifestyle and internal supplements. Over the last couple of months I’ve switched to botanical skincare (and got rid of products with comedogenic ingredients) and upped my omega 3 and zinc levels. My skin feels amazing so far and I can’t wait to continue my journey with Constance, she really is one of a kind.”

Laura Tuck

Constance transformed my skin from being dehydrated, red and acne-prone to clear, healthy, acne-free and radiant. I can’t recommend her and her Roccoco products enough. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Briar Yates

My daughter has been on an amazing skin journey with Constance after she was recommended to us for treatment of acne. Constance was very honest in her approach and the commitment required (both in-clinic and at home), which we appreciated. I can safely say my daughter’s skin looks amazing - Constance helped get her confidence back and she now very rarely wears makeup! I also see Constance for my own skin, and she approaches mature skin the same way. I highly recommend Constance for quality care, service and products.

Tania Williamson

Constance is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She has an amazing understanding of how to look after your skin both inside and out - my skin has never been better, and I feel very confident without any makeup now! Constance genuinely cares about her clients. She’s warm, kind and extremely reliable. Thank you for looking after me so well over the last few years!

Jemma McLoughlin

I’ve been seeing Constance for over a year now for regular skin care. She takes time to evaluate my skin at each session and skillfully manages any problems that arise. I love her facial technique – it’s incredibly relaxing and I always leave feeling totally pampered and rejuvenated.

Kathie Sale

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This is one of our fave products for eczema, especially when dealing with a flare-up! 🤩⁠

Roccoco Intense CPR is an ultra-hydrating and powerful anti-inflammatory body moisturiser designed to calm inflammation and hydrate the skin.⁠

It also has a no-sting formula that is safe for all ages including babies 🙌🏼⁠

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Something NEW is coming... 😏⁠

It’s not a treatment. It’s an experience.⁠
#skinhealth #glowingskin #skintreatment ⁠

As we mentioned before, eczema is an inflammatory skin condition where the skin is left weakened, dry, itchy and inflamed. ⁠

A flare-up occurs when eczema symptoms worsen. Follow our six strategies to help you manage an eczema flare 👇🏼⁠

✅ Book a LED treatment⁠
✅ Get sufficient sleep⁠
✅ Incorporate anti-inflammatory & nutrient-rich foods⁠
✅ Reapply CPR Intense Cream throughout the day⁠
✅ Add high-strength Omega-3 to your diet⁠
✅ Active relaxation & stress reduction⁠

And what NOT to do... ⁠

❌ Scrub your skin ⁠
❌ Use AHA’s, Vit A or Vit C ⁠
❌ Use anything that foams up on your skin ⁠

If you suffer from eczema save this post to use it as a guide or flick us a message to start your holistic treatment for eczema 🙌🏼⁠

#eczema #skinhealth #glowingskin⁠

Something NEW is coming... 😏⁠

3 steps. 30 minutes. The best skin of your life. ⁠

#skinhealth #glowingskin #skintreatment ⁠

Our treatments suited to eczema skin, that can also help heal your skin 👇🏼⁠

⭐️ HEALITE LED for the face and/or body ~⁠

The HEALITE LED is our medical LED device that uses the therapeutic use of light emitting diode light to enhance the body’s natural cellular recovery, improving healing times, relieving pain, and subsiding inflammation. We recommend purchasing this as a course and coming in for a HEALITE twice a week to really get on top of eczema. ⁠

⭐️ Roccoco Skin Prescription ~⁠

Roccoco is our specialty skincare range specifically formulated for skin conditions such as eczema (and other chronic skin conditions). In this Roccoco Prescriptive facial treatment, we aim to replenish the skin, increase your healing and reduce the feeling of tight dry skin. ⁠

#eczema #skinhealth #glowingskin⁠

Genetic eczema sufferers are missing a protein in their skin... Filaggrin! 🧬⁠

➕ Filaggrin is a protein that is lacking in eczema-prone skins, and it is a part of the structure of the skin found in the top layers. ⁠

➕ Filaggrin is needed for binding skin cells, without it the skin is leaky. Not so good when we need this component in the skin for barrier function and for keeping allergens, pollutants and bacteria out of the skin and keeping hydration in! ⁠

✅ One part of the way we help with this leaky skin is that we make sure the client is using a fatty moisturizer which also binds the skin preventing the “leaking” of hydration and keeping everything else out. ⁠

❌ Also, very important to refrain from using foaming product cleansers on the skin containing surfactants which cause massive amounts of inflammation in the skin, skin to oily cleansers and cleansing milk/balms. ⁠

⭐️ Rococo’s CPR cream is our recommendation for eczema skin maintenance as it contains ingredients that bind the skin, reduce inflammation and also replace nourishment lost in eczema skins.⁠

What is Eczema? 🔍️

➕ Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition where the skin is left weakened, dry, itchy and inflamed; in really bad cases skin infection is also present.

➕ Eczema is a skin condition that you may never really “cure”, but that it can be really well managed if a holistic focus is there…

➕ It can affect children as young as 6 months old, in this case, a genetic tendency has been triggered. In other cases, we see eczema in people who have also developed gut issues, food intolerances and allergies later in life which then triggers this heightened skin immune response.

➕ Genetic eczema sufferers are often also asthmatics and suffer from allergies making eczema really hard to get on top of as is constantly set off by the environment.

Like all skin conditions, we believe in a whole-body approach to treating and managing eczema, targeting triggers and root cause.

If you’re being treated for eczema with traditional or "band-aid" treatment, the condition is not being managed long term.

Traditional/band-aid treatment for eczema ~

❌ Steroid creams
❌ Emulsifying creams
❌ Bleach baths in really bad cases

Holistic treatment for eczema ~

✅ Gut testing & cleansing
✅ Allergy testing
✅ Food intolerance testing
✅ Stress reduction
✅ Internal use of Omega 3, prebiotics and zinc
✅ Application of products designed to reduce inflammation and replenish fats in the skin

Our 3 favourite topical creams for eczema ~

⭐️ Roccoco CPR cream - for whole body maintenance, this product reduces inflammation, seals hydration and replenishes the skin.

⭐️ Roccoco CPR Cream Intense - use this for bad flare up’s, it is a really thick buttery emulsion that calms and relieves itchy skin.

⭐️ Roccoco Rescue Balm- This product contains a botanical equivalent to steroid cream, very useful for coming off medicated steroid creams as it reduces the immune response.

* Disclosure: sometimes this skin condition needs medical intervention to then be able to start the healing process. We always recommend that our clients do this alongside holistic treatment so that when the time comes to stop medications the skin copes with the steroid withdrawal.

What’s in our skincare? Everything you need nothing you don’t 🥰

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When we hear of new formulations from any of our brands we get excited! 🤩 And when @roccocobotanicalsnz reformulates, we know that the new product will be supercharged!⁠

Introducing the new & improved Eruption Emulsion... the master of all moisturisers for acne skins!⁠

✅ Restoring the acid mantle in as little as 15 minutes while abolishing and extinguishing inflammation in the skin, this masterful treatment moisturiser interrupts the cellular communication of bacteria, eliminates quorum sensing, and prevents inflammation and the breakage of follicle walls.⁠

✅ Containing the world’s first natural Retinaldehyde, Eruption Emulsion regulates cellular turnover preventing the overproduction of skin cells often seen in acne. ⁠

✅ Effectively, Eruption Emulsion targets both inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions by removing the biofilm and inhibiting its formation allowing your client an all-in-one moisturising solution for their acne concerns.⁠

#roccocobotanicals #acne #glowingskin

There have been some changes to Constance’s availability…👇🏼⁠

Hello from Constance!⁠

Over the last 5 weeks, I have been running the clinic (to the best of my ability) and also trying to fit in ALL the clients into my work week. Being in the clinic by myself has been rather challenging, at the same time I have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with everyone. Now that Drew is here (she is excited to meet everyone), I can start to let go of trying to look after the clients of 2.5 therapists! Phew! 😅⁠

What is going to change? ⁠

1️⃣ I will no longer be available for online bookings of the following services:⁠

- grooming essentials⁠

- basic dermaplaning, or⁠

- eye enhancements (apart from lash lifting + brow lami)⁠

- relaxation services⁠

2️⃣ Clients currently booked into my diary will be looked after and will be able to rebook at the desk.⁠

3️⃣ My focus and skill set has always been on helping people with acne and other chronic skin conditions. I will only be available for skin-related services.⁠

4️⃣ I am booking out 5 weeks out at present, if you would like to be treated by me please jump online to book an appointment.⁠

Thank you for the continued support! ❤️⁠



As you all know we’re thrilled to welcome Drew (our new Holistic Skin Therapist) to Epidermis + Sage! 😍⁠

We are also celebrating her arrival with some amazing Welcome Offers... 😏⁠

From today until August 21st you can enjoy an upgrade on us on all the treatments you can see above 👆🏼 You can find these under 'Drew's Welcome Promotions' in our booking section in our bio ❤️⁠

Don't miss out!⁠

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75 Min Roccoco Prescriptive in 1 min ✨ Drew experiencing the Epidermis + Sage touch. Drew has chronic eczema her skin was calm and hydrated after her treatment…. 💧

(We’ve tagged our fav eczema products )

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Our EXCEED medical micro-needling price point has changed... it has been reduced! 🤩⁠

We have been looking at ways to make skin needling more accessible to you. So, we have restructured our treatment which has given us the ability to bring the price point down slightly. We’ve also added some great “ADD ON’S".⁠

The new price is $289.00 & our recommended package of 6 treatments is $1560.60 (you save $173.40)!⁠

In our needling treatments, you receive the following-⁠

✅ Cleanse/sanitize the skin⁠

✅ Alpharet mini peel⁠

✅ Application of medical-grade infusions while needling the face/neck/chest (hands at request)⁠

✅ Peptide Gel cooling mask⁠

✅ After-care⁠

ADD on’s available 👇🏼⁠


➕ Jelly Mask to the neck and chest⁠

➕ Alpha Ret Peel⁠

We just love this service for its versatility! Exceed Medical Micro-needling treats pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, scarring and open pores. If you are not a current client of ours and wish to book this service, we ask that the first appointment is an OBSERV skin consultation so we can assess your skin 🙂⁠

#epidermisandsage #glowingskin #microneedling⁠

What to expect after skin needling with us… ⁠

Our aim while skin needling is to create controlled inflammation and micro-wounds in the skin, these wounds to the skin set off a wound-healing cascade… which will eventually lead to new collagen formation.⁠

➡️ We have just poked thousands of tiny holes into your skin, so you will be red and feel like you have had a bit of sunburn. Expect this to last about 12-24 hours. In this time, it is very important to stick to peptide, hyaluronic and stem cell-based products to support healing, in this time you put aside anything with AHA’s, Vit C and A as these ingredients will only keep you inflamed for longer. ALSO, most importantly a mineral SPF needs to be applied every 2.5 hours.⁠

➡️ At about day 3 your skin will be ready for those active products to be reintroduced but don't do this if you are still feeling hot. This means your skin needs more time on your post-needling products.⁠

➡️ By day 5 your skin will be feeling like it needs a gentle exfoliation, this is also a great time for you to pop into the clinic for a HEALITE session to activate more of those growth factors.⁠

After day 5 you want to keep up with your skincare and SPF to support new healthy (STRONG) collagen production. And we recommend you book your needling appointments every 6 weeks for treating lines, wrinkles, scarring, open pores and redness. For pigmentation, we need to see you every 2 weeks. For optimal results, we recommend 6 needling sessions.⁠

#epidermisandsage #glowingskin #microneedling⁠

Micro-needling skin prep ✨⁠

It’s the perfect time to jump into those advanced skin treatments, we are not in the UV as much, so it is much easier to protect your skin. However, this is not a treatment we will perform on a person if they are not prepared to use our approved skincare and supplements before, during and most importantly after to maintain results.⁠

We liken skin needling to a marathon for the skin, the skin needs training to prepare for skin needling. If that training is not done beforehand the skin will only cope with repair and there will not be those skin rejuvenation results you are after.⁠

This is what we ask our clients to prep with 👇🏼⁠

➕ At a minimum we need you on Vit A, C & E topically and internally taking a Zinc and Omega 3 supplement, for 4 weeks prior to skin needling. If you are treating pigmentation with needling, we will also pop you on a tyrosinase inhibitor to stop that formation of pigmentation down at a cellular level.⁠

➕ If you’re looking at starting skin needling with us, jump into our online store and fill out the FREE skin questionnaire to receive skin product recommendations from us! (link in bio)⁠

#glowingskin #skinprep #holisticskincare

⭐️ We’re thrilled to welcome Drew Sloane (our new Holistic Skin Therapist) to Epidermis + Sage.

Drew comes with a wealth of knowledge around treating eczema and pigmentation. Having struggled with eczema all her life, Drew made it her mission to learn how to treat this skin condition with holistic methods. Her firsthand experience has also moulded Drew into the caring therapist she is today - her focus isn’t just to improve her clients’ skin, but their confidence levels too.

Keep an eye out for her opening promotions coming in the newsletter!⁠


Did you know that we have a bonus treatment system where you can earn FREE services?! 🤩⁠

We call this our Selflove Club, it is a bit like a loyalty system where you earn points on treatments and purchasing products with us. Behind the scenes, points are being added up and when you get to a certain amount, you receive reward points against your name.
We then add these selflove club services to your next appointment with us! 🙌🏼⁠

Treatments you can receive for free are ~⁠


⭐️ Lash tint⁠

⭐️ PureLuxe oil hand & arm massage⁠

⭐️ PureLuxe Hot oil Scalp massage⁠

* You can see your points tally at the bottom of your confirmation email.⁠

#selfloveclub #loyaltyprogram #epidermisandsage


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