Holistic skin therapy with proven results

Looking after your skin doesn’t have to be complicated… and when you approach it from a holistic perspective, it isn't.

We combine the best of nature & technology to give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Think of our clinic as your sanctuary. A place to feel seen & heard, a place to relax & indulge, and a place to help you look & feel your most confident.


Holistic Skin Therapy

Do you battle with your skin? Have you tried various products and treatments, but nothing seems to work? Feeling stressed because the condition you thought was gone has come back with a vengeance?

We combine the best of nature & technology to give your skin what it needs to thrive.

Think of our clinic as your sanctuary. A place to feel seen & heard, a place to relax & indulge, and a place to help you look & feel your most confident.

Epidermis & Sage Acne

Acne, sensitive skin & chronic conditions

Want clear, healthy skin without relying on ‘band aid’ medication with serious side effects?

Epidermis & Sage pigmentation

Pigmentation & discolouration

Dreaming of a more even skin tone? It’s possible

Epidermis & Sage Anti Ageing

Age management & rejuvenation

Enjoy beautiful skin at any age - you’ve earned it.

Holistic Skin Therapy

Step inside our nurturing clinic in the heart of Mount Maunganui and let’s start your journey to beautiful skin today!

The Process


Step inside our nurturing clinic in the heart of Mount Maunganui and let’s start your journey to beautiful skin today!


After exploring your genetics, diet, medication, hormones, gut health & lifestyle, we’ll write up a detailed skin prescription just for you with recommended products and treatments.


It’s time to start your in-clinic and at-home skincare regime… are you ready to look & feel amazing?!

Our Favourite Products

These a few of our favourite products that we stock.

Our Favourite Products

These a few of our favourite products that we stock.

Constance is warm and friendly – she puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. And when it comes to skin health, she really knows her stuff! She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the products we should be using (and avoiding) for optimal skin health, as well as the role of nutrition, lifestyle and internal supplements. Over the last couple of months I’ve switched to botanical skincare (and got rid of products with comedogenic ingredients) and upped my omega 3 and zinc levels. My skin feels amazing so far and I can’t wait to continue my journey with Constance, she really is one of a kind.”

Laura Tuck

Constance transformed my skin from being dehydrated, red and acne-prone to clear, healthy, acne-free and radiant. I can’t recommend her and her Roccoco products enough. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Briar Yates

My daughter has been on an amazing skin journey with Constance after she was recommended to us for treatment of acne. Constance was very honest in her approach and the commitment required (both in-clinic and at home), which we appreciated. I can safely say my daughter’s skin looks amazing - Constance helped get her confidence back and she now very rarely wears makeup! I also see Constance for my own skin, and she approaches mature skin the same way. I highly recommend Constance for quality care, service and products.

Tania Williamson

Constance is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She has an amazing understanding of how to look after your skin both inside and out - my skin has never been better, and I feel very confident without any makeup now! Constance genuinely cares about her clients. She’s warm, kind and extremely reliable. Thank you for looking after me so well over the last few years!

Jemma McLoughlin

I’ve been seeing Constance for over a year now for regular skin care. She takes time to evaluate my skin at each session and skillfully manages any problems that arise. I love her facial technique – it’s incredibly relaxing and I always leave feeling totally pampered and rejuvenated.

Kathie Sale

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Inflammed angry skin ? Meet your match !

Roccoco Resue balm is the a lifesaver for those skins with eczema and inflammation, Rescue balm contains a botanical plant extract that mimics topical steroids …… taking the fire out of an upset skin 💧

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Topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) happens when a person wants to stop using topical steroids, unfortunatly the skin and the body has become reliant on the steroids and now can no longer regulate its own natural immune system ….. so coming off this topical medication sets the body and skin into immune system overdrive and the skin and body must learn to now regulate healing and it’s immune system without synthetic steroids.

So why can’t you just stay on topical steroids ?

👉Topical Steroids are not for long term use , they only should be used for short bursts. When they have been prescribed for long term use this is when you will find you will struggle to stop using them and your skin goes through TSW.

👉Long term use of steroids leads to chronic thinning of the skin and a fragile skin, when you look at the skin a skin that has had long term steroid application it is red, ages really quickly, has permanent bruising and injures easily. At the end of day steroids are needed for medical intervention, they are a band aid treatment & don’t support long term healing - sustainable solutions for eczema is our goal for our clients.

What does a person go through when going through TWS?

TSW looks like this 👇
Cracking red skin
Weeping skin
INTENSE itching

This can last for months -years

This is our approach to supporting the body and skin through TSW👇

•Gut reset- Osmosis Skin Clarifier following a low sugar and low carb diet

• SKIN SUPPORT - none of this starving the skin of moisture to try to force sebum production and healing. ❌This does not work and only is delaying your healing. Your skin needs support and ingredients that support wound healing and that reduce inflammation.

•Omega 3 supplement in high doses

•Wet wrapping with Roccoco Hydrating Treatment Essence & Roccoco CPR cream

•HEALITE LED as much as pos!

•Reducing as much everyday stress as possible

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Sick of the constant cycle of using steroids ? How do I treat my eczema skin holistically and long term?

Western medicine directs most people with eczema to use topical steroid creams and, in some cases, internal steroids to overcome the flare up and calm the skin down. While these do provide some temporary relief, they do not treat the root cause of the eczema.

For long-term results, we need to look at our gut health and skin cell growth/immunity. These are the crucial building blocks of the skin’s barrier.

A high-quality Omega will start to bind the skin and create a strong healthy lipid barrier making it difficult for pathogens and allergens to enter the skin, therefore reducing inflammation and irritation within the skin.

A huge turning factor for Drew’s eczema was focusing on gut health and, more importantly, the gut microbiome – essential to the body’s overall immunity and absorption of nutrients.

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Genoapay lovers ….. we have sad news ! Genoapay will be ending its services as of the 11th April. You can use genoapay until then.

We still have AFTERPAY for easy weekly payments & memberships which are even better as you receive a small discount off your monthly- 6 weekly skin services 🙌

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This month we are highlighting Eczema, did you know there are 2 types of eczema we commonly treat. Contact Dermatitis and also Atopic Dermatitis 👇 each we will treat in a very similar way.

Contact Dermatitis – This starts with impairment within the skin barrier causing the skin to become reactive to certain substances. It is often irritated by the use of surfactants, aggressive products and chemicals on the skin which then leads to a contact dermatitis flare up.

Atopic Dermatitis – This is the genetic form of Eczema that develops during childhood. A key binding protein in the skins structure called filaggrin is missing. When the skin lacks in this protein, the skin becomes impaired, allowing allergens & pathogens to enter the skin. Over time the constant battle of fighting these leads to the breakdown of the skin immunity causing inflammation, trans-epidermal water loss, scaling, shedding and hyper-sensitivity.

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Feeling like your skin is a little congested ? Maybe you’d like a good dose of relaxation and a skin pick me up ?

Our March facial promo is designed to resurface and hydrate your skin all while making sure you leave feeling relaxed and refreshed 💧

This facial ritual includes the following
•A deep oil cleanse to start to decongest the pore , oil cleansers are magic at breaking down subunit stuck in the follicle!
•Skinbetter Science peel- this contains glycolic acid and lactic as well as retinol to resurface and brighten your skin
•We then custom blend a massage balm with specialised hydrating boosting age reversing serums , this is massaged into your face neck and chest
•We pop you under our HEALITE LED this stimulating collagen and aiding in feelings of wellness and relaxation , we massage your hands and arms while you are under the light ✨

All for $150 ! ( saving $70) , promotion is for March

Book online !

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Skin memberships for all !

CLARITY - for acne prone beauties
CALM - for sensitive skins
MAINTENANCE- for regular skin treatments
TRANSFORMATION - for skin transformation
HYRDRAFACIAL- for a regular skin clean out and hydration boost 💧

Easy weekly payments 🙌

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Osmosis Regenerate had been a game changer for our client and endo warrior @complexsally 🙌

“As an endo sufferer, Regenerate has hugely reduced my PMS symptoms and now that my liver is functioning better, I'm not getting hormonal breakouts and weight gain around my period. It's a game changer and now I use it as part of my endometriosis routine, as well as my skin routine. I took it going through IVF and and it is also a game changer in regards to how quickly I recovered from the drug detox and bloating. It's a miracle pill” - @complexsally

We have this incredible Osmosis skin and wellness supplement currently promoted at E + S . Buy 2 get 1 free saving $179!! DM to reserve your ❤️

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We get asked all the time if we look after teen skin…… yes we sure do ! We actually love guiding teens through the basics of skin health and look aftering an acne skin.

Did you know that blackheads are the first signs of acne ? The formation of blackheads mean that there is an increase of sebum production in the follicle, this is usually in alignment with those hormonal changes we start to see as early as 10 years old . Getting your teen into some skin care basics at home can prevent full blown acne breakouts 👌

Our favourite home care for teens is the Roccoco Botanical 3 step system, this prevents acne breakout, kills off excess acne bacteria and keeps the skins microbiome intact.

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Skin purging ….. we know that this is a rather uncomfortable part of healing acne ! Did you know that skin purging is all apart of the process ? I’m sure you’ve heard “it gets worse before it gets better “

Skin purging is the process of the skin pushing congestion and build up out of the skin , this congestion we see is your future breakouts . Purging just forces it out at a quicker rate ✨ purging this congestion out of the skin means that the skin can start to heal and the skin follicle can start to strengthen .

If we fail to purge the skin what we start to see is this congestion forms a plug on the top of the follicle, it then fills with sebum and we start to see acne bacteria feed off this sebum . The follicle fills and becomes weakened and pustules/ pimples erupt ➡️ all of this is also causing inflammation in the skin , in advanced acne we start to see cysts form . We can defiantly help you with this form of acne, at this point it is much harder to treat and there is a scarring risk. We like to catch acne before cysts are present .

Purging is great and all a part of treating acne , once you’re through this stage your skin and follicle can then heal…..

*this image is an example of what skin purging can look like .

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ROOM FOR LEASE 🖤 We have a beautiful empty room we would like to offer to a like minded business to work from.

This room is currently set up with a beauty/massage bed and stool, however we can also empty this room for someone to make their own. We are open to this room being redecorated to suit your business branding etc.

We are located all along busy Central Parade we also have easy parking and the most gorgeous clients who would love to have massage, an appearance medicine or even a herbalist to go to. We are open to all types of business who would work well along side skin therapy. This space would suit someone who is already established with clients.

Please DM or email hello@epidermissage.nz if you are interested in joining our collective space.

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Take control of your skin's health with our all-in-one holistic approach. Reduce inflammation, improve hydration, and attack acne and other skin concerns, all while nourishing the body and skin from within from within.

Discover what's best for you and your skin — and book in your First Step Skin Consultation!

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The skin barrier function of the skin regulates water loss from the inside out, retains moisture and keeps your skin hydrated. It also keeps pollution, pathogens, bacteria and allergins out.

A healthy skin barrier function has beautiful free following sebum going onto the skin and tightly compacted skin cells . Your skin will glow if your skin barrier is healthy, your skin will be free of irritation and the skin is plump and hydrated 💧

A unhealthy barrier is something we see often see with our clients , as many of you know repairing this barrier is the first step to your skin journey with us . Repairing this barrier is the most important as without doing this the skin just does not accept advanced therapy and product, it will also struggle to make collagen and to regenerate skin cells ….. so we want this barrier function in optimal condition

A unhealthy skin barrier looks like this 👇
•red skin unhappy skin
•acne breakouts are often
•blackheads & milia are present
•conditions like eczema and dermatitis are thriving
•skin is dry and flaky
•fine dehydration lines are present
•your skin is dull
•advanced barrier disfunction will lead to a thin skin

How do you repair your skin barrier function ?
•omega 3 fatty acid in high doses (4000- 8000 mg per day )
•take a zinc supplement
•stop the use of exfoliants, AHA’s and retinols going onto the skin ( only until your skin is strong again )
•topical skincare should include ingredients such as fats, cerimides and omega 3
•use only mineral sunblock
•put aside your foaming cleanser, we reccomed oil and milk cleansers
•remove perfumed products going into your skin
•keep it simple ✨

If you would like help with repairing your barrier book for our First Step Skin Consultation. Cost is fully redeemable on skincare making it easy to get started in restoring your skin barrier function straight away.

Tagged are our fav barrier repair products 👌

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Did you ever think that you could achieve the best skin of your life in just 30 minutes?

Hydrafacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate.

Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.

Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.

Saturate the skin's surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximise your glow.


Every treatment bespoke

No cookie cutter facials seen here 👀

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For this week only ! The perfect pick me up is back - We start the treatment by giving your lashes & brows a tint and your brows a tidy. Opening your eyes and framing your face .

The HEALITE mini facial is designed for energy activation and also to stimulate collagen and repair the HEALITE activates cellular energy giving feelings of wellness ( think laying in the sun 🌞 but without the damage )
We have combined HEALITE LED with a deep oil cleanse and enzyme exfoliation as well as that we perform a luxurious hand, arm and scalp massage .

Skin is left glowing and hydrated, you leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

✨book online ✨ or flick us a message to book

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Epidermis + Sage were the first in NZ to bring this incrediable line to our clients. Constance had spent a long time following founder Jancine Drummond on FB and saw how game changing Roccoco Botanicals was for people with chronic skin conditions such as acne, eczema and other chronic skin conditions.
Roccoco Botanicals heals the skin with botanical ingredients sourced from all around the world also making use of Australian natives . We love Roccoco Botanicals for its ability to make a uncomfortable sore skin feel better with 1-2 uses of topical product and it’s ability to firm and lift an ageing skin ….. all without the need for agressive product or treatment ❤️ Our Roccoco clients can no longer go without …. It’s pretty amazing

Redeem the total cost of your consultation on skincare with the First Step Skin Consultation and beautiful glowing skin with be your reality 💫

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