Before & Afters

Our before and afters are never retouched, allowing you to see our amazing results achieved at Epidermis & Sage.

Before: this client wanted to reduce pigmentation and achieve a more even skin tone.
Treatment: after using mesoestetic Cosmelan with homecare, her overall tone improved significantly. Redness on the nose and general pigmentation were also reduced.

Before: eczema (and a lifelong use of steroids to try and treat it) meant this client faced comedogenic congestion, poor barrier health, and a reduced ability to heal.
Treatment: we stopped her use of topical steroids and started using Roccoco homecare. She also had fortnightly extraction facials and HEALITE treatments to ease congestion and encourage healing.

Before: this client’s liver wasn’t naturally detoxing effectively (possibly due to pesticide exposure), which means toxins were being excreted through his skin.
Treatment: we suggested a number of diet changes to support liver function for detoxification. He also started supplementation for liver support, had twice weekly HEALITE treatments and used Osmosis RESCUE to promote healing.

Before: this client’s aim was to reduce congestion, improve barrier function & achieve a wedding day ‘glow-up’.
Treatment: fortnightly Roccoco facials reduced congestion through enzymes and extractions, with added HEALITE treatments for rejuvenation. She also adopted a full Roccoco homecare routine, with additional Osmosis and BePure internal support.

Before: this teen client suffered from chronic cystic acne. His skin was extremely slow to heal and was in a constant state of breakouts.
Treatment: we made small tweaks to his diet, adding zinc and omega supplements, and started him on Roccoco skincare for acne and barrier repair (along with monthly HEALITE facials). This young gentleman has since seen some amazing results – we’re now at the point where his skin is healing at a faster rate, he’s not getting painful cysts, and his skin is happier and healthier in general.

Epidermis & Sage Before & After

Before (top two images): this client was struggling with active acne and a slow healing rate.
Treatment: fortnightly treatments, homecare, supplements and some diet adjustments cleared most of the active acne and saw a great improvement in the skin’s healing ability. A massive change toward healthier, happier skin!

Before: this client struggled to clear their acne with various medications.
Treatment: Roccoco Botanicals homecare, supplements, and in-clinic including microneedling.

Epidermis & Sage Before & After

Before: these images show the progressive (and impressive!) stages of mesoestetics pigmentation spot treatment.
Treatment: mesoestetics, and home care for prevention.

Epidermis & Sage Before & After

Before (top images): this client was suffering from acne and congestion, which resulted in scarring.
Treatment: Roccoco Botanicals at home, plus supplements and in-clinic treatments (including skin needling for scarring).

Epidermis & Sage Before & After

Images showing scarring and some pigmentation caused by incorrect plasmapen treatment, right hand images showing scar revision results (3 microneedling treatments) and basic product.

Epidermis & Sage Before & After

These images show the client’s skin before and immediately after our first treatment. There’s a noticeable clearance of congestion and blocked pores.

Epidermis & Sage Before & After

Before: this client suffered an uncomfortable reaction to another skin brand.
Treatment: she started using Roccoco Botanicals at home and saw a visible improvement after only a couple of days.

Epidermis & Sage Before & After

Results showing a reduction in fine lines and a significant improvement in skin texture after the mesoestetic mesoeclat peel series. (Bottom image is after).

Epidermis & Sage Before & After

Before (bottom image): this client suffered from inflamed & angry skin, as well as congestion and poor healing.
Treatment: mesoestetics home care, in-clinic acne peels and HEALITE.


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