Smile Makers The French Lover

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Super soft tongue vibrator
Give in to the irresistible stimulation of a soft tongue teasing you in all the right places. The French Lover is a delicate vibrating tongue made of smooth silicone for a real feel on the skin. Combined with powerful vibration technology, this oral sex simulator will surely have you shivering with pleasure.
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Product Description

Smile Makers The French Lover

Did you know the clitoris encompasses 8,000 nerve endings, making it super sensitive? This soft oral sex toy mimics the gentle touch you get from a tongue on the vulva and the clitoris. The most flexible of all our sensual toys and made of super-smooth silicone, it bends and flexes for tingling sensations. Ideally, combine it with a lubricant for an even more realistic experience.
For solo sessions or couple fun, explore your body for erogenous zones. Vulva, neck, breast, back, inner thighs, belly… like a treasure hunt, discover unexpected ways to give your body goosebumps of pleasure. From exquisite teasing to overwhelming orgasms, this tongue vibrator’s four speeds and two pulsation modes will take you on an unforgettable journey.
SIZE: 15.8cm x 4.8cm x 2.8cm
Premium vibration technology | 4 speeds & 2 pulsation modes | Super smooth | Super silent | Waterproof | 1 AA battery, 4 hours of pleasure | Body safe

Like the stroke of a lovers tongue: Gently use The French Lover to caress the clitoris and the labia with repeated movements to create a rhythm.
Sustain touch: You can also experiment with leaving The French Lovers tongue applied on the vulva and play with speeds and pulses to increase pleasure.
Expand your horizons: Give a soft massage to your nipples, tickle your butt cheeks, tease your inner thighs, titilate your neck. Pleasure spots are scattered all over our bodies, explore them.