Smile Makers The Firefighter

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A Clit vibrator for a broad stimulation on the vulva.
To deliver a wide yet intense clitoral massage, smile makers have designed this ergonomic vibrator with a rounded nose to apply on the clit nub and a flame shape to extend the vibrations to your intimate lips. Turn up the heat…
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Product Description

Smile Makers The Firefighter

Did you know the stimulation of the labia can lead to more intense orgasms? As we get aroused, the internal structure of the clitoris gets engorged and as a result, the inner and outer labia become more plumped and sensitive. Pressing the flame shape of The Firefighter clit vibrator against the labia massages the inner structure of the clitoris, adding to the stimulation on the clitoral glans and bringing you more pleasure and intense orgasms.

To make sure this silent clitoral vibrator delivers back-arching good moments, we have selected only components of the highest quality. The firefighter embeds an optimised technology designed to deliver rumbling vibrations for an organic feel. Its body is made of premium silicone and polished for a soft touch. Its ergonomic shape is carefully optimised for orgasmic sensations.

SIZE: 14.7cm x 4.5cm x 3.2cm

Premium vibration technology | 4 speeds & 2 pulsation modes | Super smooth | Super silent | Waterproof | 1 AA battery, 4 hours of pleasure | Body-safe

A broad touch: Apply the rounded nose on your tutorial plans for an intense clit massage and bring down the rest of the flame on the labia around.
Pleasure buildup: Start with slow speeds first to tease yourself, then play with the four speeds and two pulsation modes to build up excitement.
Play with intensity: When you approach climax, try the edging technique by reducing pressure and speed or lifting the rounded nose from the clitoris. Then resume.