Smile Makers The Billionaire

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This sensual toy is the perfect pick to give it a go and redefine your pleasure ambition. Its sleek and versatile shape makes it ideal for clitoral massages and to explore the luxurious sensations of vaginal stimulation. Spoil yourself with pleasure.

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Product Description

Smile Makers The Billionaire

The Billionaire is a resourceful partner that can be used externally like a bullet vibrator and internally like a vaginal vibrator. We recommend mixing things up for even more pleasure. With slower speeds for a gentle tease, and more intense speeds and pulsation modes for unforgettable climaxes, this vibrator for beginners invites you to explore your pleasure preferences.

SIZE: 14.4 cm x 3.4 cm x 3.4 cm

Premium vibration technology | 4 speeds & 2 pulsation modes | Super smooth | Super silent | Waterproof | 1 AA battery, 4 hours of pleasure | Body safe

Prepare your body: Use the head of The Billionaire like a bullet vibrator to massage the tip of the clitoris and the labia to build up arousal.

Be shallow: The entrance contains most of the vagina’s nerve endings. Use the rounded head to massage it.

In-and-outs, round-and-round: Explore with different movements and speeds as you insert The Billionaire deeper. Recreate thrusting with in-and-outs or make circular motions to massage the Vagina’s wall.